Thursday, 30 May 2013

                                                          DARK NOVEMBER

“How to make your revenge sweeter”

Here I was a normal, happy, playful guy, no worries ‘ny thing for frnds’ life was good
Oh yes it’s about a friend, a friend from my college we shared  no common interest but the only thing we had in common was our B’day, sweet yeah! Every year we used to celebrate it together we both loved our b’day just like other normal people do, and then there was our last b’day in college we promised to celebrate our next B’day together no matter how far and Busy we will be; we’ll find the way to celebrate it together. ‘I said no matter what happens I’ll b there’.
College over! all friends were scattered in different zones of country (now I realize how big our country is :p) everyone was busy with his/hers own office. Things changed that too suddenly we all were in corporate world now and were busy in our own relationships, yes I was in my third relationship by the time now.
And then my Bday was near (or I should say ours)…meanwhile whenever we talked over phone she always use to say meet me on Bday me on Bday. My girlfriend asked me to celebrate my B’day at her place in Pune this time, but I remembered my promise, so I decided to surprise my friend on her B’day, and I planned a trip to Delhi. But then there came a urgent office meeting which was called in Hyderabad on the day before my (our) B’day, it was very important n I was not allowed to skip that meeting …. So I attended that meeting and at late on my Bday eve I took a flight to Delhi. I was tired I missed all my B’day calls as I fell asleep n I was least bothered about Bday wishes,  I was excited I was goin to be with my best friend that too on our mutual Bday what else u ask for!  (But now I feel sorry for my frnds and Girlfriend who tried to greet me with their warm wishes)
Early in the morning at around 5 I was in Delhi, I called her she was sleeping she picked my call and said hello in half her sense
I wished her happy b’day and told her that we can meet and can celebrate it together like old days, she wished me back and said its Monday she had office and she has to be there. she also told me that her office friends have planned something for her too so she has to be there.
    I'm not the guy who easily get dis-hearted, I was like ok ‘we’ll meet late at night for a hour or so’ that will be enough (I surprised her I was not the part of her plan so I was ok)
But she told me that it will be very difficult for her to be in my plan and she asked me if she can tell me at evening about what we can do. She does’nt asked me to come over, may be because of her boyfriend , I donn know what made her think that I don’t know about her relationship and Why she kept me away (but I never interfered as I don’t like others to interfere in  mine)

I was in office guesthouse so my boss called me as he was there too and asked me for a little help  with some office work I was free so I joined him and my day passed and at evening  I shopped a little black dress and some chocolates for my dear friend and called her again; She picked up my call and the place where she was very loud, she was in a party in a lounge somewhere in east Delhi. I asked her when she will be free! Then she tried to convince me if we can meet tomorrow, I said no I have to leave for Mumbai tomorrow so manage to meet me for atleast 15 min.
I did’nt complained her or pressed her as it was my fault too I was not the part of her plan (n I think she was not so much into promises either ha ha )
But then something happened that changed my entire look through, she said she can’t do this, not even for 15 mins. Now I was shocked (really shocked) (expecting 15 mins. from your so called best friend and that to on your B’day after travelling distance of 1550 kms. Is not much, I think so)
I was little angry too by the time but I kept my patience (People think m a short tempered man but I know few arts ;p right time for the right thing) Well I did’nt asked her for anything now. I just simply asked ‘when this party is goin to be over’ and she said may be late 10 in a annoying way, I told her I will be near her place at that time and she is supposed to b there for 2 mins. So that I can handle her the cake coz what m supposed to do with it.It was 7 , there were  few other friends of mine in Delhi who all work here in NCR region they called me and asked me if I was in Delhi coz my FB status say so , they asked me to join them as they wanted to celebrate my B’day they were in a mall nearby in East Delhi, they were out for a movie so they said they are buying an extra ticket for me n m supposed to join them.
I asked them to go on and don’t wait for me as m gonna join them late as I have to do some job
Now I took a cab to hers place and waited for her for half an hour; and then she came, she was looking great in her red black dress ( I was not into her, it’s just that beauty like hers deserves appreciation) she tagged along her flatmate too.
I said a simple hi! And wished her H B’day and handed over her gift and the cake, she got me some chocolates too and wished me and clicked a picture of ours; just 2 min. passed n I said I need to go as my friends are waiting for me and moved towards my cab and she said “Areeey itni jaldi”( mean : so soon!!!) , I just gave her a sharp smile my last true smile for sake of being her friend.

I was out of my mind and was angry that’s why I did’nt say any word too ( u should not say something when your head is pounded with feelings) I was in my cab and asked my driver to drive me to my guest house, I gave my friends a excuse that I have to leave at midnight its urgent so it will not be possible for me to join them n am really sorry n thankful for their efforts and I transferred some money in a  friends account and asked them to have beers on my name.
When I was on my way back to guest house I was thinking about the whole incident I don’t know whose fault was it and what happened wrong, but she knew that m here just for her and our promise and she made me beg for 2 mins!!! And we met she did’nt asked me to cut that bloody cake along .
Man I was sick really sick, I can feel each n every nerve of my body I can sense my goose bumps over my skin. All I know!! whatever happened was not fair n that to in a friendship! no way (m not so blind dear).
Tragedy in relationships is a common things but we were bestest of friends and she broke  me not just my heart she broke me deep inside my soul.

I had working parents and I m not much attached to my family neither they are, all I had were my friends. I never took any of my relationship seriously either but when it’s about a friend i was ready with the heart in my hands.
But that DARK night of cold NOVEMBER changed my view towards the world. The moment I stepped down my cab I was a different man, I learned a bitter truth now I was heartless soulless and a spontaneous guy. All I care for now is my revenge … friends relationships trust and especially promises has no meaning in my life.

I never told her that the incident affected me soo much, we still talk sometimes ….may be m just keeping her …may be m waiting for the payback or the time ….. who knows what m up to ha ha ha ha